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At American OrthodoxChurch Supplies we specialize in custom made Vestments for Bishops, Priests,Deacons, and Altar Boys. All Vestments are handmade by Matushka Ludmila Prokopiuk

We make Icons invarious sizes, Banners, Kamilavkas and Skufias. We also carry Blessing Crosses,Pectoral Crosses, Vigil lamps, Hospital Pyx Kits, Wedding Crowns, Chalice Sets,Bishop's Staff, Bishop's Walking Stick, Tri-Kiri Di-Kiri, Candle Stands, and allneeds for the Church.We are focused on providing high-quality service andcustomer satisfaction.

Look around ourwebsite and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us! 

Phone:(732) 239-2712